Products & Design Services

Design Services

CASA di LINO’s design team offers a variety of services, such as complimentary delivery, project installations, time-sensitive projects, approval programs, and in-home consultations. Our Dallas interior design team is ready to help you with your bedding ensembles, home and bath accessory decisions, and tabletop projects.

Where Dallas Interior Decorators Get Their Inspiration

Looking for inspiration? Come to the best-kept secret of the leading Dallas interior decorators and designers: CASA di LINO, where you will be surrounded by the finest in design accents, bath linens, and luxury bedding.

You don’t have to be a Dallas interior decorator or designer to make your boudoir and bath something striking. CASA di LINO’s design team collaborates with area homeowners and Dallas interior decorators and designers to make elegant design statements for today’s modern home.

Down Cleaning, Restoration and Other Specialty Services

CASA di LINO can assist you with such specialized services as Scandia Home down bedding cleaning and featherbed restoration.

After years of enjoyment, your Scandia Home comforter, pillow or featherbed may need refreshing. Although the down inside lasts a lifetime, the outside ticking may need to be replaced or additional filling may need to be added to enhance loft. Simply send your down products to a CASA di LINO sales associate. We will coordinate with Scandia Home for a complete bedding cleaning and restoration. Our expert technicians will do whatever it takes to restore your down products to your special requests.

It is always recommended that you go as long as you can without cleaning your down-filled belongings. As a rule of thumb, your Scandia Home down items will only need cleaning every two to four years, depending upon the habits of your household. When it is time for professional down cleaning, simply place the item in its Scandia Home cotton storage bag and bring or send it to us. Your sales associate will send your down products to Scandia Down who will inspect it for wear and tear, and then clean it in their own laundry facility built exclusively for their fine products. It will be promptly returned to you, fresh as the day you first placed it on your bed.

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