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  • A home should beckon the heart and warm the body. It should dazzle the eye and enchant the mind. But above all else, it must delight. Day and night.
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  • A bedroom should feel tranquil, but never sleepy. Peaceful, yet sensuously alive. It must excite passion, promote relaxation and ferry you to gentle dreams and quiet slumber.
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  • The master bathroom should be sleek but never Spartan. It should flicker with candlelight and echo with laughter. It should drape your cares in luxury linens and rejuvenate your soul.
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Discover luxury bedding from around the world. Feel the crisp rustle of high-thread-count linen against your skin. Experience luxury bedding and linens in an array of unlimited colors, refined patterns and bold, clean lines.


Luxury Bath Items

Uncover luxury bath items that captivate your imagination and delight your eyes. Wrap yourself in the warmth of luxury bath towels and feel their soft caress. Let the luxury linens of CASA di LINO make the place you call home, home sleek home.